Stormy Sunday

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside…

It’s 4am and I was awakened by the sound of howling winds and intense rain outside. The storm has come… It is scary to think of what is happening (I didn’t dare go out and take a peek), but I’m praying that it doesn’t get worse than Yolanda or Ondoy (two of the worst typhoons that struck the country in the past 5 or so years).

It doesn’t help to think that I “might” need to go to work later. Gawd. I hope the rain would stop. I haven’t bought my emergency supplies yet 😦

On my way to the office on this rainy/stormy Sunday. I pray that it won’t get worse


And I’m done with work.. Surprisingly, the rain has stopped. It feels weird because you know from all the news that it is supposed to be battering the country. Or is this the calm before the storm? I hope not. I just decided to grab some late lunch and PAN seems interesting, might watch another movie hahah

After watching Pan, I accompanied my friend who wanted to buy some shoe from Bass – he just bought a pair of Under Armour running shoes yesterday.

I’m really a bad influence, because if it does look good, I will make you buy it haha! My point is, if you’ve slept on it and you still feel that you want an item – then by all means, go back and buy it. Never let the chance pass you by. Of course, you must be able to afford it. Never drown in debt.

Tonight’s victim – Saboten’s Tenderloin Set! I intentionally did not have lunch because I was preparing for a sumptuous dinner with unlimited rice, miso soup and shredded cabbage!

Plus there was a cute waiter that I was trying to flirt with,but when I was about to leave he was nowhere to be found. So our generous tip went to the lady who was also nicely serving us hahah!

I think it’s still raining outside, I know this is stupid of me to ask, but I’m wishing that work would be suspended tomorrow. Of course I don’t want flooding and all that crazy ass disaster things, I just need some rest haha. Sometimes, our weather center is like that. They predict the worst of storms, calls on the government to suspend work and then surprise, the sun will shine haha!

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