Absolutely Nothing To Do Today

I was supposed to go home to the province (a good two hour bus ride / 90plus kilometers away from Manila); but I decided not to because there was a storm warning for the weekend. I have work (yes, work) tomorrow, need to do some UAT and I dunno how the threat of a typhoon about to wreak havoc on the northern part of the Philippines will affect the Metro. So to be sure, I’ll be staying in the city over the weekend. This is bad because:

• I miss my grandma’s cooking

• I’m trying not to spend too much because Christmas is just around the corner
• my brother went home from the Middle East for a quick ten day vacation (which ends this Wednesday?)
• Internet is much much better at home
• i miss my bed
• I miss my siblings
• I miss everything about home.

I usually go home every two weeks, and the last time I was there was on the 3rd of this month. So I’m already away for more than 2 weeks 😦

There really is no place like home 😭

In addition to that, I’ve been feeling a bit down lately because a lot of my friends are nowhere to be found. I don’t know if it’s also my fault – because sometimes I’m just too busy or too tired to spend time with them whenever they ask me to hang out. So I guess this is karma? Lol.

But help me choose to see it on a different angle. I gained one free day for myself – with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do (except to wait for the rain lol). I’ll just play it by ear, maybe someone will invite me later!

Sweater weather!!

Lunch is this cheap, cheap Prawn Puff with Hainanese Rice.

We watched Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Robert Zemeckis’ “The Walk”. It’s a movie retelling of the life of Philippe Petit, a French high wire artist who walked in a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center back in 1974. The movie was great, JGL was superb in his French accent coupled with his impeccable acting. The visuals were amazing, a woman actually shouted in one scene where Petit feigned losing his balance haha.

Currently working our way inside this jungle of a shoe sale 😧😧

It has been ongoing since last weekend (said one of my officemates); but there are only a few brands – Skechers, Sperry, Pony, Saucony.. Those weren’t my style, so I wasn’t able to buy anything.. And besides, I’m really not in the mood hahah.


Early dinner at Tim Ho Wan – because it’s raining and it’s hard to think of where to eat.

Their famous pork buns, perfect for every #Dayrefatties out there.

Chow Mien Stir Fried Noodles

Spare Ribs Rice – very bland 😫

And my Glutinous Rice with Lotus Leaf, which I immediately devoured. Twas heavy on the tummy..

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