At Night

So you know I love taking photos of the city at night, even if I’m just using my phone’s camera. Of course I do not know anything about settings, filters, etc, that is why everything you’ll see here is pure, raw and unedited 😌.

I’m sharing some of these photos.

I call this one “The Circle”. It was taken in front of our office building. I love how the reflection of the trees kind of completes a circle.. Do you see it??? Or maybe not. Maybe I’m just imagining it lol.

I posted this one a couple of days ago. Let’s call it “The Dropoff”.

This was the street beside our condo.

Building Lights and House roofs underneath lol.

View from Below

McDonalds vs KFC vs Chowking. Find them. Hahah!

Throwback to this photo from 2009. See my love for night photography goes way back – this one, however, was shot by a photographer friend. He knows what to do with those blurry background effects haha. Nevertheless, it remains one of my favorite shots of me.

#throwbackThursday #Photography #lights #night

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