Food : Omakase

Weird weather. Early this morning, it was raining really really hard. And now, Mr. Sun is shining mightily during lunch time.

We had a sort of “sendoff lunch” for one of our colleagues – a few of her close friends + teammates and then me.

We’re sending off Ms. Ella (third from left). Her teammates planned this and the department’s surprise despedida lunch tomorrow.

Funny thing was the invite for
Tomorrow’s suprise was sent to the Groupmail and everyone on the list – including Ms. Ella – received it. There goes the surprise part hahah.

Since the weather is unpredictable, we opted to have lunch in one of the restaurants downstairs. We ended up choosing Japanese food over the almost always Pinoy food option.

Group Selfie!

Actually, the term should be “Ussie” but I guess no one uses it as often as they use the word Selfie.


Time for the #DayreFatties #Foodie posts:

So for lunch, we had the following:

California Maki – I didn’t know that it was included in our orders as I personally thought of it as something very common; even the Japanese Fastfood Tokyo Tokyo has it already. Nevertheless, it still tasted good. It’s a bit bigger compared to most makis I’ve tried though.

I googled reviews of Omakase, and I read that one should never miss their Dynamite Rolls. At first, I was scared coz I’m not really into spicy food. Bam! It was not spicy at all!! It was really delicious and the cream dip (I don’t know what’s it called) was yummy!

Madame (Everyone calls Elang madame) ordered the American Dream Makimono and she said I must try it too. True enough, it did not disappoint.

Close up of the Dynamite Roll!!! It was so rich in flavor, I wanna order another round.. But since these are all appetizers, we chose not to fill our tummy for the main dishes lol.

My forever favorite – and I consider it a sin not to include this in my Japanese meals lol!

The best tasting miso soup I’ve tried so far was the one in Little Tokyo, though. And oh, the one in Wafu. Hahah!

Salmon head soup – which I think was just Sinigang sa Miso in Pinoy food

Katsu Curry with rice – which we found weird because of the pineapple chunks. It was not curry-ish at all.

Salmon Katsu with Rice – super nice, the salmon was so fine, not overcooked and it’s amazing how they did it with the breading and the fried egg that covered the fish haha.

Happy Tummies!!! 😊😊

I forgot to take a photo of the Wall art I was talking about yesterday. Promise, I’ll do that anytime this week.

And to end this day’s post, I took a photo of the dropoff place in our office. I find the night darkness + illumination from office lights and cars a really really good subject for a photograph. This is an unfiltered photo, using the Iphone 6 plus’ rear camera 😉

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