Thoughts on the Way Home

I was supposed to go to the mall after work but I forgot why I was planning to do so; and then I decided to just walk home.


It just occurred to me that lately, I’ve been doing so many things by myself. It’s not that I’m complaining, but I’m a bit afraid of being comfortable with that. I’ve been single for seven years already. Sometimes I’d feel sad and wonder what could be so f*ckin wrong with me. Other times, I’d just be okay with it and just think that he might just be there looking at the same stars I wish upon at night (is this a song? It sounds like one… Somewhereee out thereeeee)

Anyway, I do have a lot of friends so it doesn’t make “singlehood” that bad at all. However, for some reason, my constant clingy group of friends seem to be a bit busy nowadays that even replying to group chats would take them hours.

It’s ok, I mean, I do fly away or hibernate from my cliques every now and then.

And back to the relationships talk.. It’s been a while. Of course I dated during those seven years. But nothing prospered. I must be a v. Bad date. Lol. Or maybe I just had my eyes set on someone else that anyone who tries to come in will already be shut out before he can even knock.

Ok ok. Enough about that. I found a new mantra today! I saw it on one of the wall arts in the walkway that I pass by on my way to work.

It says:

Everyday is a second chance

See. Even the wall art tells me not to give up. Too bad I was not able to take a photo (it’s scary to use your phone when you’re walking alone at night). I will try tomorrow.

After my walkint home alone drama, I realized some things:

• I don’t need to be with someone to be happy.

• im not worthless; I’m a licensed accountant for crying out loud. So,

• f*ck rejection. If someone rejects me because I’m not his type then it’s not my loss.

8 selfies taken over the course of three months.

Why? Because the next part is going to be a rant. Just imagine how I look like while this is happening.

Cramped Jeepneys

This is a typical scenario in Manila (photo not mine). Now imagine me, tired from all in a day’s work, successfully finding a seat at the back of a loaded jeepney filled with passengers who all had a long day – some you would know by the stench of their sweaty bodies…

And then I pull out my money to pay the fare and ask the lady beside me to, please, if she may, give the driver my payment.

Lady doesn’t even look. She just sips her to-go glass of milk tea and stares blankly into it.

Ok; I get it, we all had a rough Monday. But a simple deed like that? Was that too much to ask?

So I focused my attention to what she was drinking and decided to think of things that people should not do inside a packed public vehicle (especially inside the good old jeepney). Here’s the list that I came up with:

• PDA is a no-no. Oh please, do not subject our eyes to your makeout session. Some things are better done inside the four corners of your room – or whichever room you prefer.

• DO NOT DRINK (or BRING) YOUR STARBUCKS TO GO COFFEE (or whatever beverage) INSIDE A JEEPNEY!!! It’s just like social climbing to the highest level! You don’t buy something from Starbucks or Happy Lemon or Whatever and ride a freaking hot jeepney. Cmon. Even if it’s just coffee from 7-11. What if it spills? Good if it spills on you, but if it doesn’t and your drink goes to someone else’s freshly washed clothes, what are you going to do?

• DO NOT PLAY MUSIC on loudspeakers. I mean, seriously?

Who gives a f*ck about what your listening to? We are all trying to get to work or home, the last thing we need is someone trying to impose his type of music to everyone!

• When someone asks you to pass the fare, please do so. Oftentimes it comes with a “paki” (‘please’ in English), so it’s someone asking for a favor not someone ordering you to do something.

• Do not speak in English, or in coño English (here in the Philippines, we call those who were born filthy rich coño kids).

They are the lucky ones who apparently do not have enough Tagalog/Filipino vocabulary. It’s just irritating to like hear conversations like this because Like, i want to, like just make it like just stop. See? Annoying right?

• Observe personal space. For God’s sake, you do not own the f*cking vehicle!!! I would assume you are just paying for one passenger? Then move your ass and let others sit properly, if not comfortably!

I guess that’s enough ranting for the day. Lol. I don’t want to end this post with bad vibes, so I would just quickly share what I did to cast the negative energy out.



8065 Coffee

Located inside San Antonio Village, Makati City; 8065 Coffee is the sister of the famous 8065 bagnet. They serve coffee (unlimited brewed for just P65!!), desserts, pastas, all day breakfast and did I mention desserts? Haha. I read somewhere that you can also order food from 8065 bagnet – but that would be a bit far from where the coffee shop is located.

Crowd is mostly artsy people, college kids and yuppies. It’s a typical coffee shop but with a more laid back feel.

I asked for the bestseller in their pasta menu, and the staff suggested that I should try the Grilled Sausage Bacon Tomato Pasta (P120).

It was great! I’m not big on tomatoes but I finished the entire plate! Haha. Surefire way to get the bad vibes out lol!

I also tried the Green Mango shake, which was not bad as well.

I guess that ends my Monday! It’s time for me to go to sleep because I promised myself that I would sleep before Cinderella comes back home (I have a feeling Im slowly becoming an insomniac).

Hope you also had a great day, and please forgive me for being Emotional and ranting haha. But I guess this is Dayre, we should just let it all out here. It’s the perfect place to do so, isn’t it? Haha!

Good night everyone 😘😘😘

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