Cebu Day 2

Day started a bit late, we succumbed to the 5-more-minutes-turned-a-couple-more-hours morning bed trick lol.

At least we’ll have enough energy to last the entire day!

Breakfast at Ocean Vida, yes I had cereals + milk. But their omelette and bacon were also great 😜


Second day is mostly beach bumming and #travel photoshoots. Lol.

Holler 😘

Unplanned matching yellow tops.

We were looking for a specific spot in the island that we saw on Instagram. It looked like a huge stretch of white sand beach. Sadly, when we found that spot, there are lots of boats docked. So we just took advantage of what view is available. 😭

Of course, the signature #JumpShot

After pictorial, we went back to the hotel and waited till checkout. We arrived in Cebu City at around 5pm.

We went straight to dinner. AA Barbecue let’s you choose from a wide variety of food and they grill them into perfection!

Your choices..

We had Chorizo + Liempo

And black gulaman

Weeeee!!! Liempo is nomnomnom.

I only had 1 and 1/2 rice (considering we didn’t have lunch today) 😜


I was supposed to get the matcha shortcake, but it wasn’t part of the 50% off. Since I also ordered Calamansi, I decided to “downgrade” my cake order. I had Mango shortcake; it wasn’t that bad at all. However, it’s not that great as well. Or I guess, I was really looking forward to eating that matcha thing😭

That’s all for today.. I’m pretty tired and body’s already begging for sleep.

Ta-ta! Good night!!

#Travel #gaytravel #DayreFatties #Foodies #Life

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