Cebu Day 1

Good Morning!! 😁

Flight was an hour delayed, so I arrived at half past one in the morning.

@supermavic told me of this beautiful bridge that I would pass by on my way to the city and of course, I couldn’t help but to take a picture.

Went straight to my friend’s condo and she told me that we’re goin’ to the beach!!!! There’s no time to sleep haha!

Before we go on a 4-hr bus ride, we need some fueling first. Lol.

So here you go, first #Dayrefatties post in #Cebu, Tiktilaok’s special chicken in honey, spicy and garlic sauce. At first I thought it wasn’t that spicy, but after I ate a couple of pieces, it started to kick in.

After a grueling four or four and a half hours of sitting in a non-airconditioned bus, we finally arrived at Maya port.

My face is a mixture of dust, smoke, sweat and stench. Ugh. This better be worth it.

Maya port – where you can ride pump boats going to Malapascua. Boat capacity is 26people, 100/person. Sometimes, the boatmen talk to the passengers if they are willing to just divide the fare among themselves instead of waiting to complete the 26.

Simple port. Not too many people. They have boats going to Malapascua and Leyte

Say Hello to Paradise!!!

I could live here… 😍😍😍😍😍

Where we’re staying 😊

Their sea view rooms

Me and Revie – filtered because we haven’t freshened up yet

A little something from the Hotel..

And so after getting some rest, we were up again for lunch.. Remember our first meal was sometime at 3am before we hopped on the dreaded bus ride…

First island meal must come from the #1 most recommended resto.

Angelina is an Italian restaurant situated just beside Tepanee resort. Online reviews say that it is a must try and it is one of the best Italian restaurants in the country.

Naturally, we asked for the bestsellers. Given that it was also Revie’s first time here and that she also somehow happens to be a food connoisseur (Imho), we just have to try the most requested dishes.

Some appetizer (we did not order this, it was given to us for free) – bread with some spread that has no taste, i kid you not, at all.

Tagliatelle Seafood – something like seafood pasta? The menu says it comes in white sauce, so we were both surprised to see it bathed in tomato sauce. Nevertheless, the mix that has squid, shrimp (😍😍😍😍) and crab (πŸ˜–), was really good and was indeed a must try.

And the Super Angelina pizza – which was so big, even if we just ordered this one, we still weren’t able to finish it off.

This was topped with ham, egg, a few veggies (which you can see from the photo) and some sauce. It was also good, but serving is so big, a group of 4 can finish it and still feel bloated afterwards.

We had gelatto for dessert (Vanilla Nutella) flavor. I forgot to take a photo though.

While we were eating, it rained. As soon as we were finished, we thought that it’s just a little drizzle so we decided to walk back to the resort.

To our surprise, it suddenly became so strong, it was like we were walking in the middle of a storm. Suffice it to say that we went back to the hotel dripping wet – not because we swam, but because of the goddamn rain.

After cleaning ourselves up, we slept.

For dinner, we chose this expensive looking restaurant on the edge of the island.

The place looks so posh. In the afternoon, there’s an area overlooking the ocean and it’s just breathtakingly beautiful.

Of course, posh place = expensive. πŸ‘€

Interiors and my signature eyeglasses shot. You may google other photos of the restaurant coz I don’t think I gave it justice.

This time, we opted to try those that we saw over the Internet. This one is the Insalatta Nizarda.. It smelled soooooo delicious, I cannot wait to devour it!

And the Girgliata Mista De Carne? Oh it was heaven!!! Sinfully good!!!!

The sausage itself is amazing. I’m not a beef person so I let Revie eat most of it, lol. 😍😍😍

#Dessert is Mango Float Tiramisu!!! I would have to admit that this is the best thing I tasted today.

The super super nice owner/chef gave us two rounds of drinks 😁

I forgot the names but one has lemon and the other is like a combination of tequila and vodka haha.

The owner after having drinks with us lol

#GayLife #travel #foodie #beach #summer #Vacation

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