Sunday Movie 😁

I was complaining about the heat inside the chapel earlier, and it seems like I was heard by God, it suddenly rained. Although the cab driver already told me that it was raining in some parts of the Metro, I didn’t think it would travel that fast to where I am now.

I’m stuck in the mall with nothing to do..

So I thought, why not watch a movie instead? Hmmmm.

Problem is, which one? The only two new releases for the week that I think I could tolerate were:


Or Me and Earl and the Dying Girl???

Ended up choosing the latter, since I thought I’m not really in the mood to watch a disaster film given that I have travel plans next week tee-hee…

Popcorn placeeeee… I’m a movie addict (athough I don’t talk about it that much here); and more often than not I buy popcorn whenever I watch in the cinemas. All for the experience babeh. Haha.

Unfortunately, this is a “date movie” and there were a number of couples inside the cinema πŸ˜•.

However, the priest told us in the homily earlier that Happiness should never ever depend on others. We should not compare ourselves with what other people because no matter what we do there will always be someone better. Happiness should come from within. In order to do that, we should not look at what other people have, but just focus ourselves to the Lord and this will remove jealousy and envy πŸ˜‡

NEW TRAILERS!!! Finally, there are more movies other than The Martian (whose trailer have been shown since August, ugh).

Particularly excited about this one!

Well.. Katniss has a new movie, from the same people who brought you Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle… With guess who..

Yep. Bradley Cooper.

But Isabella Rossellini is there, she’s amazing as Madame Trebla in this French film I saw – The Dandelions. Hahah. So this one’s something to watch out for too…

About Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? Hmmm. Film’s a bit sad πŸ˜• . But that’s fine. There are a few heartwarming moments; I guess it’s one for the teens and teens at heart. Heard it’s also a book made to a movie. Funny I haven’t encountered it yet haha.

Somehow, if you’re a fan of #TFIOS , then I guess this one’s also for you? I was avoiding a disaster movie and yet I ended up with a poignant story.

Hope the rain has stopped already so I can go home πŸ˜•

In other news, I placed first in my Swarm leaderboard this week lol!

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