Friday Foodie

Hold on it’s a beautiful day, it will lift you up, take you to the top…

I was browsing my old Dayre posts, and then I realized I’ve become the person I’ve been declaring I was not.

You know how I used to say that I don’t really like taking photos of food? Surprise, surprise.
I saw a lot of them on my posts.

How do I explain this? Hmmm.. The thing is, I hate people doing those things on Instagram or Facebook or whichever social media platform they use and share with friends.

I put Dayre in a different light. I see it as a different world.

One that is not (and I hope will never be) infested by trolls that bash and do whatever it takes to bring you down. @supermavic is right. This “realm” (I watch too much Once Upon A Time) is far more peaceful and positive and beautiful than any other online community.

And so, here, I feel free sharing what I did.. What I thought.. And even what I ate…

Call me bitter but more often than not, I squirm at the sight of #foodporn posts on FB, IG,etc. I just feel that it’s too pretentious.

But Dayre? Oh, I tell you there’s a whole lotta difference. I LUUUURRRVVVEEE to see #Foodie posts here! This app makes me want to go to those places and try every single delicious food I saw from fellow Dayreans!!!

And that is why, I will dedicate today to the food I will eat (LOL). ✌🏻️✌🏻

This is for all the #DayreFatties out there.

This is what I’m having right now for super super late breakfast. I slept late last night (like 2am-ish late), woke up at half past 3; went to the 7-11 store and bought milk; slept again and woke up at around 8am. I needed to rush to get into the office early..

That is why, my dear friends, I feel that I am losing weight (which I do not really really want). I need to eat more powerful food for my first meal of the day. Yes, yogurt is healthy, but for breakfast? Not enough.

Lunch time!!!!

Since my constant lunch buddy is on maternity leave (She had a miscarriage, God bless her), I am now having a hard time looking for a place to eat – where I won’t be judged because I’m alone. Haha.

My teammates usually have “baon” (errr.. I don’t know the exact English term for this) – meals prepared at home and brought to the office. I live by myself and I don’t know how to cook, so there, I always have to find a good and affordable restaurant.

Off to the mall I go…

Food food where art thou… 😎

Of course, another reason why I opted to eat outside is I’m still hoping to just randomly bump into my Brazilian Supermodel Supercrush #AmadeoLeandro who’s currently in the country. He’s been here for quite sometime already (he even had a photo shoot in our office building).

My favorite Dimsum place in Makati!!! (I’m addicted to their siomai). πŸ˜‰

They have rice meals for those who are dining alone. A bit expensive at P175, but the serving is big – so what the heck. I’m a rice person. My minimum per meal is two cups of rice lol.

Chicken Curry Rice (Steamed Boneless chicken in Curry sauce)

Sorry I’m really not an expert in food photography, but I will try to work on it. I’m just using my phone haha.

See that huge cup of rice? Yeahhhhh. Just the way I want it.

One of our bosses told me to eat more veggies, but this one only had potatoes and pepper.. So… I only ate the potato lol.

And the SIOMAIIIIIII!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Ok, ok. Another poor picture lol. I was really hungry when I took it.

Here’s a glimpse of The Philippines’ fucked up weather. Earlier, it was just bright and sunny; and now it’s raining hard.

But will I let that bring me down? Nah. I just had my super lunch. πŸ™‡πŸ»

Dessert time!!! We have this cute mini M&m’s in the office lol.

This was given to one of my officemates, but I always ask her to give me some. 😏

Snack time with @supermavic , chips courtesy of our new hires. 🐽🐷🐽🐷🐽

While waiting for Rea (we’re having dinner), I saw my crush standing beside me. 😍😍😍😍

For dinner, we checked Makati’s Burgos St and Barangay Poblacion, but we ended up in this place in A. Venue mall. I am hoping they have good food, because if not I’m gonna kill ’em. (super hungry from all the walking)

Their “Specialties”…

Maybe during the day, this place looks nice. But tonight, it just looks like a typical Bar and Grill or something for those who wants to grab some drinks on a Friday night.

Something tells me that we made a wrong choice and that this place is not really for an intimate, quiet dinner.

Service sucks and we’ve been waiting for a while already – these and all the noise around πŸ˜•

The table beside us has already sung a second Happy Birthday song and they are getting drunk already… I need my… Dinner…. Now…. So much for starting my day happily.

I am so looking forward to dessert – I will find a place nearby even if it’s just a McDonald’s

Spicy Porkchop

Not really that exciting. But oh well.. Enough to fill the hungry belly.

Salmon Belly in Tamarind Sauce

The broth was good.. Salmon – so-so.

Overall, I don’t recommend going to this place on Friday nights. Maybe some other time. As for me, will I go back here? Na-ah. I don’t think so.

Nothing but a good old Oreo McFlurry to end the day.

Thank God for fastfood delights, so unhealthy, but still so yummy. πŸ˜‹

Peek a boo.. My recently washed uncombed hair + cute guy in the background + a couple of pimples + 1/2 of the resting bitch face

Good night everyone!!! 😎😊

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