Lost In Translation

From 2pm to around 5pm, we don’t do anything much in the office.

I would usually read something from #ThoughtCatalog or @blog , or gossip pages, or participate in some random online quizzes.

I found this page on Google.

Of course we’ve all heard of Google Translate , right?

There are times when I just type random thoughts and check how they translate to foreign languages. My favorites are Italian and French – call me weird, but I just find Italian words beautiful and French words sexy haha.

Back to my discovery..

There is a #GoogleTranslate #Community ! Hahaha! Pardon me if I was the last person who knew about this. But if it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, then allow me to share what I’ve learned from my quick rendezvous with this newfound time waster hahah.

First, you got to have a Google Account (makes sense coz you can’t be part of a “Community” if you’re not a member).

Then you will be asked to choose which language will you be helping translate. Unfortunately, I only know two : English and Filipino

You will then have options on what you want to do:

1) Translate from English to Chosen Language

2) Validate translated words


3) Translate from Chosen Language to English

Sample for no. 1

Sample for no. 2

If you think about it, this seems kind of simple, boring and mundane. But wait….

There’s more.

I don’t know where Google gets the phrases that they use but the following were just hilarious, I tell you I had fun translating.

First up is this:

“Ayoko nang mahalin ka pa”

Is “I do not want to love you anymore”.

I could just imagine the level of heartbreak this person is going through. I wonder why he needed this to be translated. A relationship with a foreigner maybe? But the statement is too simple, the English equivalent can just be I don’t love you. I mean, Who (in this modern world) has access to internet but does not know the meaning of I Love you?? Haha.

This one means “You need to give your heart some rest” or simply #DemiLovato ‘s #song “Give your heart a break.”

After that statement about someone who does not love you anymore, comes this advice for someone who had his heart broken.


For my Filipino friends, try to translate this? Haha. I think I actually skipped this one.

Roughly translated, it means:

“It felt so good, I had to bend over backwards to relish the sensation”

Truly, there are words better heard / used in our own languages than translated into English. Hahahaha.

Bonus: I was surprised to see this one. I usually see these three words on Grindr or other gay dating apps. If you’re gay or close to someone who is one, then you’ll probably know what it means. But if you’re not, it’s basically asking about your preference in bed (what you want to do when you do the deed).

It’s funny because while some words are better off in our own languages, this one needs not be translated.

This one’s really funny! Whoever suggested “traffic” as the tagalog word for stranded is Genius! Hahaahah

Well traffic has been really shitty in Metro Manila, and when it rains people do get stranded (either due to traffic or due to flooding).

And then came this one. Hahahah.

Translations to be validated are:

1) What haha
2) Thong Bao (of course haha)
3) Hindi ko Alam (I do not know)
4) Di Yan Tagalog (it’s not tagalog)

My Gosh. I’m laughing my ass off on this one haha. What is thong bao anyway?


Before I end the day, I went back to Google Translate, and now I know that the meaning of Thong Bao is:



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