Pasta Night Out

I’m not really a #foodie

I just love to eat, and I am almost always hungry. Since I said I don’t like people taking photos of their food and posting them on Instagram or Facebook, I’ll just post mine on my #Dayre @blog hahhaha!

I was actually craving for #Dimsum but my friend told me that the place I suggested was a bit expensive.

And then we saw this one.

The Spaghetti Factory has been my go to place for my pasta cravings. I’m not in the mood for pasta, but this one’s pretty decent and I haven’t been here for quite sometime already.

Their pastas are priced at P219 – not bad at all. Pastas in the Philippines range from P200-450 (especially in mall restos). But of course there are those that go way beyond (like P700-P1000).

Our #appetizer : Fried Calamari . I don’t know what the dip is, but I’d call it “Tomato Sauce Dip” haha.

The dip is good, but the Calamari is a small piece of squid + lots of breading.

What I had – Pasta Sampler. This one is worth P279.

At Spaghetti Factory, if you can’t decide which pasta to eat, I recommend that you try the sampler. You can choose your own noodle and get three dishes (flavors, sauces whatever)!!!

This one’s Angel Hair and my three dishes were : Shrimp in white wine, Creamy pasta longganisa and Boscaiola. All of them have different flavors – one’s seafood oil based, another’s cream and the last one is tomato. But they all tasted good! #Dayrefatties

See I’m not even an expert in taking photos of the #food . I tried #flatlay but I looked stupid while I was taking photos.

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