Feeling Foodie POTD

So I’m really not a #foodie. In fact, I detest taking food pictures before eating. But sometimes, you encounter a restaurant with food presented so well that you just can’t resist the urge to take “instagram worthy” photos.

However, since I am not much of an expert in food blogging, I decided not to post it there but rather blog about it here.

Last Sunday, my friends and I went to Alabang for lunch (note that two of us are from Makati, one from Marikina and the other one from Bulacan).

So why go to faraway South? It’s because of this. Neil’s Kitchen is a newly opened restaurant at Westgate, Alabang. I don’t exactly know what kind of food they serve but they have #paellas and some Pinoy dishes with a twist.

Here’s the menu.

You see, if I check-in (via Swarm) on a place, this is what I do. I upload a photo of my eyeglasses and the menu, or tissue or whatever – not the food.

It’s a bit pricey, but I guess that’s normal for Alabang restaurants? People in the South are known to be very rich you know haha.

The gang

Here’s what I had : Paella Valenciana with Spanish Tempura

I was not in the mood for meat that’s why I ordered this.

Closer look at the Paella. This is really good. #Yummy #Food

And the Tempura (yes only three).

Rea had Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly. It was also good, and I particularly liked the leaves there (I don’t have any idea what they were called though).

Geli had the homemade Sirloin Tri Tip corned beef with Garlic rice, which actually looked like a power #breakfast. I’m not a fan of beef so I did not try it. Oh wait I had some eggs haha.

Aki had the Bagoong Paella with KareKare (I was not able to take a photo).

Nice framed quotes in the toilet

And another one.

See, they got a lot of Instagram worthy corners!

Aki and Rea swinging by the Chandelierrrrrrrr

Me and Geli at the stairs

Mirror Selfie!

Outside the restaurant.

This one’s gotta be my favorite haha!

After lunch, we went to Aguirre St. In BF Homes to grab some #dessert at Larcy’s. Yumyum.

More selfie. Haha

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