my cassette tape collection

The other day, I was talking about how weird my music preferences were. So now that I am at home, I had a chance to revisit my old cassette tape collection. Please be informed that this was how kids back then listened to music – through that small thing we call a cassette tape. We put it in the radio and just pressed play, or rewind, fast forward, pause and record through it.

I am not sure but I think tapes came after the good old vinyl records, so that makes them very 80s.

Well, I’m a 90s kid and I should’ve been buying CDs, but for some reason, there’s something about cassette tapes that made me love them more than CDs. Or maybe they were just cheaper – back then, you can buy a full album on cassette at around 150pesos, while CDs are priced at 450. I didn’t have any knowledge about pirated stuff yet.

And besides, I used to be the type who would rather listen to a whole album than the one who clicks next every now and then

I have weird things that I do with my collection. And this is my super super weird confession, it will freak you out. I swear.

What I used to do is I write the album names on pieces of paper, put it inside a jar or whatever container available, draw them out one by one and arrange them in my cabinet in the order that they were drawn. After that, I will listen to all of them – all albums, no rewind, forward whatever. Of course I don’t listen to them in one sitting haha.

It became my playlist, I’ll let it finish first before I restart the cycle (of writing the album names and drawing them out).

What you are about to see is a collection of what my crazy teenage self used to listen to – bear in mind that the first album was bought on 1997 (when I’m just 12), and maybe the last one was bought during college. 2005? Not sure, really. These are arranged in the way I last arranged them (freaky, I know).

Also, please be reminded that this was my cocooning teenager self. Mostly, I listened to landi pop and birit divas. I did not lose the interest, but this I tell you now, I also listen to other genres (from Ron Henley and Donalyn Bartolome to Kishi Bashi to Sarah Brightman and the Trans Siberian Orchestra). Two things I never really liked : Bjork and Gregorian.

In this photo:

Beyonce, The Spice Girls (four of them) – you see I am a big big fan, Natalie Imbruglia (we all loved Torn), Jaya’s concert, Moonstar 88 (the original, with Acel in the lead vocals), Regine Velasquez’s Drawn, Rachelle Anne Go, Hot Hits, Best of Leann Rimes, A1 and best of Ricky Martin

In this photo:

almost kinda acoustic vol. 1 – when there was an “acoustic trend”, the cranberries (see, I’m already diversifying), AEGIS – yes, I love them, Natalie Imbruglia (again, but I do believe this one’s better than her first), Lea Salonga (where she sang all OPM), Daft Punk (ikr), Mel B of the Spice Girls, Regine in concert, Britney, Spice Girls (second album) and Five

In this photo:

Charlie’s Angels Full throttle soundtrack, Nina Live (yeah right, through the fiiiiiiiiirrrrreeee), singles of No Doubt, The Corrs, Vitamin C, Nsync, Sheryn Regis, Star In A Million – ok, don’t judge hahah, Refresh (Disney Hits sung by popstars), Britney – I am also a Fan and as I said Landi Pop, You had me at hello (great love songs) and Christina Aguilera’s best album to date.

In this photo:

pokemon soundtrack, Regine Velasquez’s best album haha, Melanie C of the Spice Girls, All Saints hits – I never considered them as rivals of the spice girls, Linkin Park, BSB, celine dion, Ally Mcbeal soundtrack, Carol Banawa (mom’s a fan), Evanescence, the first himig handog love songs album and Jewel’s Christmas Album

In this photo:

Charlie’s angels soundtrack, Teleserye theme songs (im baduy like that), Geri Halliwell, another Britney album, Vanessa Carlton, My oldest surviving tape: the Spice Girls’ first album, The Corrs, Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill Anniversary album, Cinemax best movie songs, the Corrs unplugged, soul decision and the last one was a mixtape I created lol.

In this photo:

Nsync, Madonna’s greatest hits, J lo, Spice Girls’ Ep when Geri left, Bardot, Night of the champuons album, Celine dion, Ruffa Mae Quinto’s Booba – YES, i loved it actually, Jewel, Dj Sammy, Meteor Garden 2 soundtrack (they have a doraemon theme there), and Ogie Alcasid

In this photo:

MYMP, Coyote Ugly Soundtrack, JLo, Regine, Emma Bunton, Moulin Rogue soundtrack, Blingbling (mostly early 2000 hiphop), best of Creed, Nina, Heart Evangelista – my sister is a fan, but I tell you her songs are catchy, Another JLo, and teleserye themes again hahha

Last one:

Rivermaya, Chicago soundtrack, Lani Misalucha Live, Ally Mcbeal soundtrack with Robert Downey -yes the Ironman, and Regine (again).

These are the surviving tapes, I have also lost some. I remember having Mariah Carey’s #1s, that girl who sang the tagalog version of Thalia’s Maria Mercedes – she had an album and I bought it, the first Jagged Little Pill album (which was my first cassette tape, 1995), the Viva Hotbabes… Etc etc.

I guess I have this weird habit of collecting things and counting them. So that makes my being an accountant even more solid.

I have an FHM collection, a cassette tape collection, poem collection, I still have some high school letters from friends, i count the number of movies I watch every year, my Facebook has more than 1000 connections. Numbers numbers numbers. Hahaha. That’s something extraordinarily odd in me. I keep things. And my family knows me well they don’t even dare touch them.

That was long. Haha. I’m so happy I have #Dayre .

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