I was supposed to write about how easily accidents can happen in this godforsaken hell that we better know as the traffic situation of Metro Manila because I just saw an almost collision between a blue Avanza and a poor motorcycle, but this #Grabcar driver’s music distracted me from that.

That was a long agonizing sentence hahaha.

Anyway, he turned on the music and the next thing I knew we were listening to a Christmas song. After that came Eminem’s Lose Yourself, and then another rap song.

And now, it’s playing that song “always somewhere else, miss you where I’ve been, I’ll be back to love you again” – I do not know the title lol.

And then, Love will keep us alive. Haha. So you see, from Christmas to rap to emo. Just what I needed to kickstart my day haha!

Sometimes I think you can get to know a person by the type of music they listen to.

But when I look back at the types of music I listen to, I change my mind. You can never really tell.

This weekend, I’ll post about the #music I listen to and share it with the #Dayre community.

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