ninong duties

Today was the baptism of my fifth godchild – fourth this year – Gibson Brody. If you’re reading my #Dayre , I suggest you also read Brody’s journey before he was welcomed to the outside world through his mom’s #blog (see @misisjoey ‘s page).

The cute little one stayed chill (actually, asleep) during the ceremony. It was memorable cuz the priest was a bit scary – strict, the kind you see in movies scolding noisy kids in the church.

Lookie! That’s Chrism on his forehead, not sweat.

The Happy Couple @misisjoey and @marcupal86

The girl who presided over the seminar said something about #Bigatin Ninongs and Ninangs (while taking a quick glance at us).

Bigatin Ninang #1

Bigatin Ninang #2

Bigatin Ninang #3

Cutie cute cute #baby

And the photographer requested us to copy an iconic pose from the movie #meanGirls

So I present to you, Gretchen, Regina, Cady and Karen – College edition !!!

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