I downloaded the #Colorfy app because I sort of became curious on this new fad. This is the first one I made. Notice how simple it looks compared to the first photo. I’m still discovering the app then.

This second artwork that had #Flowers and #birds was sort of copied from my “the one that got away’s” artwork. I changed the colors of course. He made the birds and flowers blue but he also did that “variety of colors in the background” thing.

This one was made while waiting for our clients’ transactions. Those were my non-peak days, so I guess more colorfy for me!!

So I veered away from the flowers collection and went to the #Mandala. This was my interpretation of the first photo in the app.

Back to the flowers! Notice that this one did not actually have a pattern. I just dropped and dropped the colors wherever and the result was a looked like a beautiful montage.

This has got to be my favorite #Colorfy #Artwork that I made the past week. I only downloaded the app last Tuesday and now I already completed 18!

So the last remaining photos from the flower collection were hard that’s why I went back to the Mandalas.

This one reminds me of a #Parol haha!

My next favorite. Everyone tries to fill the whole drawing with colors. Me? I leave some white spaces and it still looks perfect!!

After the Mandala, the next drawings were from the #Oriental group. I actually have no idea where these came from, but I was really having fun doing this.

This is the last from the Flowers. Apparently, there’s an app update that contains more drawings!!!

I call this the Sailor moon. Don’t ask why, I also don’t know the answer.

Hihihi since I did not buy the other pallettes (I was hoping that after finishing more drawings, they’ll make it available for you), I’m stuck with the same colors. Hopefully, they don’t look boring 😦

Notice the red boots? Hahahah

This one reminds me of a sea creature.

Sometimes I run, Sometimes I hide


I finished this on the bus this morning.

This one is from the update! They have new drawings Of flowers! And animals! And famous
Paintings too!!

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