Dinner with the Gagas

I’m getting pimples. Wtf.

Last night, I had dinner with my “Gaga Friends” at SALT MAKATI.

***Gaga – from Lady Gaga. One yearend event in DKS, we found ourselves belonging to one team. We were assigned to create a presentation from the artist picked by the team captain who had hit songs at that time. Other choices were LMFAO, J. Lo and I forgot. Hahah.

Back to the dinner.

The place is hidden somewhere behind Kalayaan Avenue (the way going to Rockwell Drive). I thought it would just be a quick walk from the office – coz I’m not the type who gets lost in places I believe I am familiar with, but no.. I arrived there all sweaty and tired and hungry. It’s a good thing I searched for a map because my first idea of where the place was turned out to be wrong.

We had #Tbone #Steak #Beef #salpicao and #BakedSalmon .

This is something monumental for me. For the longest time, I shunned beef from my diet (save for the occasional burger). The only reason I could think of was because I hated the aftertaste. It felt gross, like there’s a bit of slimy gooey stuff in your mouth. But ugh let’s not go there.

I’m more of a salmon guy (I was the one who ordered it). So my friends and I decided to just share the food among

ourselves so that everyone can taste everything. To my surpise, The Beef Salpicao tasted really, really good. It was so good I was willing to trade my salmon for it (i do love salmon, I swear).

Food here is unbelievably inexpensive! The place is really nice – has that hole in the wall feel. You can bring your significant other here for a simple dinner or do a quick (or lengthy) night out with friends. Here’s the catch : they only have a few items on the menu.

I forgot to take a photo of it, but you can just go to #Google , search for the restaurant and voila- that one page menu can easily be found there. Lol.

I rarely (rarely) upload food photos on Social media, but I felt the need to share this restaurant to everyone who cares or gives a f. about what I post lol.

They also have desserts. Or I guess these are the only ones they have: #chocolate #tartufo and #Frozen #Brazo . If you only need to pick one, I’d say, try the Tartufo. It’s one of the best I’ve tasted so far.

#FoodReview #FoodPorn #Foodie

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