I was out last night and maybe due to my poor internet connection, I was not aware of what was happening in the other side of the world.

Now, after waking up from a four hour sleep, I just came to realize what a big day it was for the entire #LGBT community. The United States of America just allowed marriage equality in all of its 50 states! #LoveWins

And to celebrate it, I will attend the Manila Pride March later

Look at these precious words. And then I saw all those companies expressing their support and happiness for the community. This just makes me cry. Although I have been single for more than seven years, I am still happy for all those people who can now unite as one in marriage.

Oh hiiiiii ( from last night)

I asked STRAP member Del about the march, and she said I could join her. She said we had to wear pink or purple (of course I wore pink). We waited for a few minutes for her STRAP friends, but it seemed that everybody was late. We just decided to walk around and check out people 😝

We found this cute #ShihTzu (i hope I got it right coz she looks like our pet #Dog). Her name is Mallows and she is owned by #AngLadlad member Raffy Aquino.

This year’s theme for the #MetroManilaPride march was #FightForLove . And you know how big love is for me.

This was my very first #PrideMarch , so I don’t know if they were taking the usual route. It started from the Lapu Lapu monument in #Luneta, then turned right on Taft (I don’t know if it’s Taft, but it’s where the LRT is), so taft then right on Faura then right to Roxas Blvd and then back to Luneta.

There were so many interesting characters in the Pride march. Carlos Celdran was there, Jujin Samonte and Paulo Castro and so many other LGBT people and allies.

Here I am walking the dirty streets of #Manila with Del and Brigite of STRAP and Dangal Pilipinas.

The #RainbowFlag being carried by LGBT and Allies!!

Along the way, I met this group of students – Ateneo Psychology students, who were asked by their professor to join the march. It was not a requirement but they chose to go, and boy was I thankful!!!

They were nice and I can’t believe I can talk straight English, charaught! Thanks Dks for the training. Lol.

Guy in stripes was really cute.

So I asked for a Photo.

Actually, I became an instant celebrity coz everyone asked to have a photo taken with me, lol.

And Del had her share of an afam as well!!

After the march, I went to the stage – because I can. Hahah.

Kidding. It was open, so I went there and there’s not much people. Everyone was watching from below.

And I saw these two, celebrity couple Sebastian Castro and Ryan Chua.

My love mission was on an indefinite hiatus, so I was happy being given this Fight For Forever sign haha. There’s Fight for Love, For Booking and For World Peace lol.

A lot of people borrowed this from me haha.

My photographer crush 😍😍😍

When it started to rain, Del and I agreed to just go home. The program was not yet finished though.

After 30 years, this was my first time to go out on the streets and declare my support for all brothers and sisters. I had the chance, when I was in UP. But nobody invited me to join Babaylan (altho i think I was afraid to join). I was afraid to turn out to be the laughing stock of the campus, afraid to be discriminated. And that’s what we’re fighting for now.

We’ve come a long way. Seeing these students from Ateneo enjoying and having fun with the LGBT people, it was just so beautiful. Of course, they are not the only students there, UP babaylan was there, there are also Youth LGBT organizations who joined. Professionals were present as well. It was just a happy day!

A rainbow appeared during the program (but I didn’t take a photo). It’s like a way of saying that God was with us.

My bulging belly was shown on national tv!!!!


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