Haha!! I last used #Bitstrip 538 days ago (the photo above was my last post). Now I thought of reinstalling the app and using it to sort of personalize my stickers here at Dayre! #amazing

So that was then, this is now. It’s
Raining. I wrote something about the #rain a few years ago, or it’s not exactly about the rain. I’m not sure. I’ll look for it later and if I think it’s throwback worthy, I’ll just repost it here. Omgosh. Loving the bitstrip lol.

Oh! I’ll share something!!

So you know how I deleted Grindr from my phone last December 31. I reinstalled it yesterday just to check things out. I actually reinstalled and deleted it when I was in El Nido.

I found someone drunk enough to talk to me. He was having a relationship problem and he was looking for someone to talk to. I was like, ok, you can give me a call.

We talked for about an hour. He told me he was in a weird relationship with his roommate / officemate.

This is not my story to tell but this is my online diary so whatever. They first met around two years ago, and they enjoyed each other’s company (i guess). They were lunch buddies, they go out on dates, watch movies – things that you would expect from a normal gay couple.

His problem was, their relationship was “undefined”. He told me that the other guy was extremely good looking, someone who had a way with words, and all that shit.

This person was really in love.

But it seems that the other guy does not want to put a label on their relationship. They haven’t had sex, not even held hands.

You would think of it as a one sided love story. But it wasn’t. He told me that the guy teased him to do it one time but he refused (in my mind, if you were so into him and he was so hot, why on earth would you say no).

And then one time, he asked the guy if he would be his partner and the guy said no.

What the f*ck.

They are living together. Clearly, they have the hots for each other. But they don’t freaking want to take their relationship to another level!!!!

I have been single for SEVEN YEARS, and am having a hard time to date someone (although I believe I am more than ready to do so). Life is not fair.

Towards the end of our Conversation, I told him what I think was wrong in their setup:

1) they were both comfortable with what they had, they got so used to it that they don’t want it to change

2) he might just be holding on to whatever it is because he finds the guy extremely gwapo

3) the guy is not yet sure if he wants him, or he is still waiting for someone else to come along – someone that could be better. Sad to say, he would be the second choice (or worst case, the “left with no choice”)

And guess what, I was able to find the two of them on Facebook. The other guy was not really hot at all.

Love is truly blind.

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