Unpopular Opinion

“@MsLeaSalonga: Our country is not yet debt-free, poverty-free, crime-free, or corruption-free. So what are we free from exactly and why do we celebrate it?”

An Open Letter To Miss Lea Salonga

While I agree that we are not free from all those things that you wanted the Philippines to be free from, I detest the fact that you have just trampled on the legacy of the people who have fought for the freedom of our country from the Spanish colonization.

Easy for you to say that because you are living a life full of luxury. Have you done anything, aside from tweeting your rants, whines and negativities? Have you given to the poor?

Have you tried riding the MRT? Have you agreed to selfies with your fans in your bad days? And have you had the freedom to say no? Haven’t you enjoyed the same freedom to say what you want on social media?

Yes, there is corruption. Yes, there is crime. But that doesn’t make everyone among us corrupt and criminals. Sometimes, Ms. Salonga, we want to live in a perfect world. But sadly, it is still far beyond our country’s reach. Now, we commemorate the 117th Independence Day. Imagine if nobody thought about raising the Philippine flag 117 years ago… Where do you think our country would be now? Where would you be now?

In as much as there is disparity among us Filipinos, I do believe that we are united by one Flag. It is the flag that Manny Pacquiao raises whenever he fights, it is the same flag that you carry when you are performing abroad. We are Filipinos. We are a country. That is what we celebrate.

#LeaSalonga #Philippines #PhilippineIndependenceDay

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