el nido day 3

Good Morning!

Last night, i was supposed to go out and have a taste
Of El Nido’s night life but I felt so tired from the whole day’s activities so I stayed in and slept. Afterall the place’s vibe is just chill and chill and rest and rest.

Boracay is the party place, El Nido is the quiet one. In Boracay, everyone is friendly. Bars with blasting music can be heard from just about any part of the island. El Nido is the opposite. The huge commanding rock formations make you think that the island is snobbish

People are here to chill/rest; not to party. The food is almost the same, although there are more options in Boracay. Prices of food here in El Nido are a bit high, I read in one blog that this almost equates to Manila prices. Doesn’t matter for the hungry person haha.

Majority of the activities in El Nido are focused on island hopping (Tours A, B, C and D). There are also things you can do inland (there’s a Tour E)! In Boracay, there’s a lot.

The resorts in El Nido are simpler than the ones in Boracay. Although I was not able to check the prices, I would think that the ones here are more affordable.

Overall, I would say that people go here to relax, to be one with nature. This is the perfect place to chill and enjoy God’s wondrous works.

I used to be more of a Boracay party person, but in my age, I guess l’m slowly becoming the El Nido chill out guy.

Look at that exact same spot 10minutes after I took a photo of it. Such a beauty.

This entire trip was arranged by Sunnydays Travel – owned by a DKS colleague.

You may contact them at (0917) 553 7264 inquire.sunnydays@gmail.com

or check their Instagram page (sunnydaystravel).

I suggest you do the same coz there’s no hassle from the transfer to the accommodation and the tour, even if it was changed, I totally enjoyed the chill trip!!

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