el nido day 1

Two names, one person. I would not discuss how this happened but events of last week led me to the airport this morning for a three day vacation to El Nido, Palawan.

Fresh from #IdinaMenzel ‘s world tour the previous night, I decided not to sleep and just wait for my flight at the airport. Wrong move.

From Puerto Princesa to El Nido, it’ll take about 6-8 hours. I thought about sleeping the whole ride but unfortunately, the road to El Nido is like the road to La Presa with a difficulty level of 4000% more (ok that’s an exaggeration). But if you know me well, you’d know that I don’t really really like fast cars and scary routes.

I tell you, I was not able to sleep. It was stupid of me to sit in front, and there was the sun, the steep curves, DIAGONAL ROADS!!! Yes! Diagonal!!!! Detours, roadworks, rough roads, rain, slippery when wet signs, and all that shit.

But the view was worth it.

It was a good idea that I booked this trip with a travel agency – SUNNY DAYS TRAVEL – owned by a DKS colleague (details on the 3rd day), coz I know it I’d be well taken care of.

First part of the trip, you’d be greeted by the sea (and all it’s beauty). I kept reminding myself that although I’m already seeing such beautiful shores, this would be nothing compared to what’s waiting for me in El Nido (otherwise, why spend all that time travelling). Then there’s this area where bougainvilleas of different colors were planted side by side. It was like a wall of cotton candies / flowers. I’ll try to take a photo on the way back.

That’s because I was so sleeplessly tired (if there such a thing), I can’t even function haha.

And then next would be the fields that looked like they were from Pangako Sa Yo haha.

And of course, upon reaching the town before El Nido (Taytay if I’m not mistaken) – you’ll see the tips of the mountains that will remind you of #Survivor .

Lunch at Squidos!! I tried their Calamares (180), 2 garlic rice (80) and one mango juice (120). Food in El Nido is very expensive 😭

So this is what welcomed me when I checked in. I’m staying at the Marina <bay sands> Garden Inn Beachfront Resort.

Another downside in El Nido is that they don’t have electricity from 6am to 2pm. For some reason, today, they decided to put the power back on at around 5pm (I blame the rain).

I reserved a room for two but depending on your strategy, this room can accommodate four people.

This is bed number one where I will be sleeping tonight, tee hee.

Bed No. 2- where I will sleep tomorrow ☺️

Other stuff inside the room

The rain waiting to fall

And while the rain fell (and the power nowhere) I decided to reward myself with some much needed shuteye.

I woke up at 5 with the lights already on.

I wallowed a bit and watched tv, took a bath after TV patrol and researched on where to eat.

One of the popular restaurant mentioned in the blogs is Art Cafe. It wasn’t that far from the resort I’m staying in, and I figured that I need not do much walking because i have a feeling El Nido is much smaller than Boracay (more on the comparison maybe on my third day).

So back to the art cafe, I was curious as the blogs said this was a barefoot resto. I went there and was a bit disappointed that they do not impose the barefoot rule (maybe it’s applicable on some nights but not tonight).

I ordered Seafood Pasta with Parmesan (forgot how much, around 300) and Avocado Shake (120). I’m so so sorry if I don’t take pictures of the food. It’s just that, People would think I’m weird if they see me doing that (alone, in the dark corner of the restaurant). Again, tomorrow, I’ll try.

The pasta was soooooo Spicy. I ended up sweating a lot more than I should.

On the way back to the hotel, I saw a group of hot guys buying some crepe. So I said, what the heck, lemme buy myself some crepe as well (also to counter the effect of the super spicy seafood pasta).

I thought they were all afams but to my surprise there was a Filipino in the group. I ended up buying without even flirting (tomorrow, ok?).

While walking to the resort and eating my crepe, some crazy dog came out of nowhere and started barking at me. I walked faster but it seemed to agitate that stupid dog more so I just stopped and in a full diva attitude asked : kanino bang aso ito????

Thankfully, the owner was able to restrain her dog and I walked away unscathed.

Today was a tiring day (and I must be sleeping now). Why do I not have a photo? Tomorrow, I swear I will ask people.

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