It has been a year since my grandfather passed away. I feel so guilty for not being there during his last days. All those weekends that I went to Batangas, I chose to stay at home and watch tv series. I even dreaded the days when we had to go to his house because the internet there sucks.

I thought, we weren’t even close. But then again, I was not thinking enough. He was a father to two children – both moved away when they got married. And he only get the chance to see them when they visit.

I remember when we were children, he used to visit us and bring me comic books to read. I think I spent some months of vacation with them too. And that was it. That was the longest I’ve spent time with them. Except from the annual Holy Week and Christmas visits, I rarely find time for my grandparents (my father’s side).

And today, when I saw my brother’s photos (my brother who just came from a 2-yr contract in Qatar), I felt really really bad.

I should have been there.

What kind of ungrateful grandchild am I? I feel bad that my grandmother was not able to say her goodbyes to her husband (she was bedridden), and the last time I saw her was Christmas of last year.

And so now, I promise, in front of the whole Dayre community that I shall join my parents in their weekly visit to my grandma.

Whether they are proud of who I am now (the gay thing doesn’t suit well with them) or not, this is something that I should’ve done long ago.

And pray with me, that it’s not yet too late.

As for my other grandmother (mother’s side), I promise not to be ill tempered whenever she rants about her debts and asks for money.

#Family #love #regrets #promises


PS: me and my lesbian tendencies.

#Fhm #Mariaozawa #japan

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