BREATHE – the second one

You know when you were a teenager and you’ve got all those pent up #drama and emotions? When you can’t tell the world about your #heartaches and #pains , and you have no one else to talk to because being the only one of the few effeminate #gays at school, everyone just thinks of you as the happy kid?

I honestly don’t remember having all that #angst . But #writing became my escape. This contains more than a hundred poems, all of them written during my #college years.

And I honestly don’t remember how I was able to do that. To make things more interesting, there’s a first collection – made during my high school years. I forgot where I hid it, but I will share it once I find it.

So here It goes, some of my work – raw, unpublished, not-so-innocent and full of extreme emotions.


velvet lines between you and me,
Still, I threw some kisses to the air
Wishing you’ll save one of them.

scattered down the aisle are sparkles
confetti falls, lights flash
Everything I do – it’s being watched

here i am,
in the most envied place on Earth
And yet, I don a mask to hide the pain.

there you are, but I envy her more.
I did everything for you to notice me,
I walked the carpet to fame but still you can’t see…

How blind can you be?


The stage, a bloody display of glories
Melting creams of your body
Rushed silence, no thrills to hear.

Anger, the multitude says so
Taking the pleasure of letting go
Torn heart- for the benefit of none.

The Paranoia, voices surround us
Showing everyone what it must
A dug grave, everything but fear.

Uproar, the rhythm inside the night
Stopping the beats and covering the lights
Satisfied souls, not a single talk about this lifespan

The darkness, the sweat isn’t gone
Filled it with the scent of every man
Lost feeling, no emotions nor tears.

Noise, the darkness and shouts
Splitting the patterns made by pouts
No more morals. Just plain old sex.


HALINA, Ikaw ay lumapit
Pagmasdan mukhang kaakit akit
Estranghero man sa iyong paningin
Ramdamin mo ang init ng pag-ibig
Espesyal, tulad ng isang awit.
Samut saring kulay, sa iyo ay babati.

Bakit sa likod ng magandang mukha
Ang pusong pagod, puno ng dusa
Nalilito sa takbo ng mundo
Emosyong pilit ginagawang bato
Subalit patuloy pa rin ang laban
At pagsasabing kaya pa,kakayanin pa.

Umalis na, mukhang kaakit akit
Rosas na pula, ngayon ay naglaho na
Iniwan na. Tinapos na.

Gusto mo bang sumama?


– this poem was made after watching the weekend talkshows reporting the untimely demise of sexy star Halina Perez (real name Vanessa Uri).


Mabuti ka pa

Kahapong masakit,

Nalimot mo na.

Mga punyetang pasakit sa buhay,

Sa iyo’y balewala

Kahit kinukutya

Wala kang pakialam

Iyo ang mundo.

Mahal mo ang sarili mo.

Mabuti ka pa…

Madali lang ang bawat pagsubok

Hindi mo kailangang magtiis.

Mabuti ka pa.

Laging may baong ngiti.

Mabuti ka pa.

– i remember submitting this one to the college paper, and I remember them making a joke out of it. Yes it’s something very simple and I don’t even consider it a poem. But it’s #EugeneDomingo ‘s portrayal of a mermaid who had an amnesia because of a failed relationship that made me want to wish to be like her character. I’m sorry, but this is still one of my favorites.


I’M no better losing you.
Made every inch of me bitter
I can’t breathe
Seeing both of you
My world sinks in.

You should have been mine.

I loved you more.

And my sun and stars collide (nina)

Sometimes, when you read something, and the story affects you so much that you want to tell it from the victim’s point of view.

Here’s one for every innocent child molested by those people whose souls have been badly consumed by evil. May they all find peace.

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