kindergarten reunion

So this is Camp Netanya, located somewhere in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. Possible 4 hour drive from the Metro, especially if you take the regular routes (where traffic in San Pascual and Bauan Batangas can be sometimes unforgiving).

The resort has a huge pool – interconnected kiddie, adult and 15ft pools. It’s the one you see in the photos. Accommodation (as of now) is 5,000 / room for overnight, additional 500 per extra person. Rate for day tour is 500 / person and 1000 per room

– if you want to get one. However you can just opt to pay the 500 and just leave your things by the pool haha. The room is big, it can accommodatea group of up to 8people, I guess?

Food in Camp Netanya is relatively cheap, but it tastes really good. And the serving size is quite big (except for the silogs). Last night, we ordered three main dishes plus 10 huge cups of rice – good for 5 people!! Ok, I did my friends a huge favor by eating 3 haha.

We were treated like VIPs! Everyone was so nice, they gave us everything we asked for (of course we didn’t abuse it).

The infinity pool!

And to answer some FAQs:

Contact details : and 09279148143

Is there a beach? – yes, but knowing that this is Anilao, you would enjoy the sea more if you were a diver. As for me, who doesn’t know how to swim, I only took photos of the resort and the pool.

Can you bring food? Cook? – bringing of food is allowed. No corkage fees (so far). I don’t think you can cook there coz they have their own restaurant nga. Plus the food is really good. PROMISE.

Website? How to book? – i think you can book in Agoda. But it might be better if you contact the number or the email I mentioned above (although the guy is always on the phone so you might have a hard time reaching them).

Lovin this shot of preggy mom to be @misisjoey ! #HappyMothersDay

As what my friend @marcupal found out from the manong there,
construction of the place has been put on hold because the owner left for the States. Someone just asked if they could swim there that’s why they opened? Through word of mouth and maybe geotagging on social media, more and more people went there. So please be patient coz sometimes the manongs are aligaga but they’re all really really nice.

Overall, this is a perfect place for a chill weekend and a bit of that Santorini-esque feel. It’s worth it. Just look at these photos and if you’re not satisfied google some more 🙂

#summer #Sunset #beach #Philippines

#CampNetanya #santorini #architecture #couple

Sunset #artsy shot number one – through the leaves

And sunset artsy shot number two – through the pillars hahahah

Umbrella shot 1

Umbrella Shot 2

Umbrella Shot 3

Umbrella Shot 4

Note: they don’t accept walk ins. Prior reservation is a must before going there, ok? 😬 enjoy!!!

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