time giver

No one is always busy. It just depends on what number you are on their priority list.

And then it hit me. I would always be the friend who shows up earlier than the agreed time and ends up waiting for at least 30minutes.

Punctuality is something I’ve practiced since the day I learned how to tell time. I am not mad at people who make me wait – sometimes if you’re a good friend (as in really super super close), tardiness will never be an issue. I would’ve adjusted, especially if we’ve known each other from the inside out.

Honestly, I don’t mind waiting. As long as I find something else to do, that’s fine.

What irks me is when you made me wait and you have the nerve to throw your weight around, or worse, be mad. That just isn’t fair.

I have learned this from a time management training I’ve attended before – never ever make people wait. Because if you multiply the number of minutes you are late for something by the number of people waiting for you, that is equal to the amount of time you have wasted.

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