Marriage Proposals

(I was supposed to embed the video but something must be wrong with my connection)

So yeah, anyway, I was watching this Japanese flash mob proposal at the Osaka Train station and it moved me to tears. I’m a sucker for romance, bring in the theatrics and you’ll have me ‘awww’-ing and crying at the same time.

This one was perfect. I read in the comments that Japanese men do not usually show much affection, so she must be really special.

Of course, one could tell that the inspiration for this was the office flash mob scene at #StepUp the Revolution. I liked how they mixed the people or the roles of the people in the flash mob – there were schoolgirls, baristas, gay friends (i suppose). The “surprise” at the latter part of the dance was the one that made me cry – yes that one when there was supposed to be a fake couple and then suddenly the girl turns around points to the guy and the guy jumps in and joins the group.

Two things: I missed dancing and I would do that for someone I love.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a flashmob? It’s so cute and cool and fun – well as long as I’m ok with the purpose, I would definitely join something like that. #Flashmob dancers? Anyone? #Charice ‘s song (the one used in the video) was one of those go to anthems back in the days when I was still a Friday night clubbing regular. I missed that. Just letting loose and grabbing people’s crotches and kissing strangers lol.

If I am in love with someone and I want to propose to him, a flashmob would be a nice idea. But my train proposal would still be the first choice (more on that later). Or maybe, if one of my friends would want to propose by using a flashmob, I’m guessing I could help in pooling a number of people who could take part in it. After all, The stage and performing is not alien to me.

Being single at 30 sucks. A friend once told me that if you reach this age and you’re still single, then there is something wrong with you. Of course, I know that I’m not attractive based on a typical gay man’s standards. Part of me is still hoping that someday, somehow, someone would love me like David loves Victoria.

Back to my dream proposal. Apparently, a subway proposal is not rare at all. There’s another video – just search for it…

But I have a different plan.

And since I don’t think I’m marrying someone in a couple of years time, I would tell you how I’m planning to do this so that in case you would like to use this idea for your #MarriageProposal , you can thank me. Just make sure it would be nicely documented.

So what would happen?

1) You will have to rent (I dunno if they will allow that) one part of the train. Since we’re in the #Philippines , we’ll use the good old #MRT as the example.

2) You will have to ask a friend of your would be fiancé to accompany him in the first station. Board the rented part of the train – it should be empty. No one should be allowed inside but your fiancé and his friend.

3) Of course the train would have to make stops. These stops would be romantic and fun. In each stop, your family and friends would be boarding the train. In what order? You decide. Your would be fiancé should be suspicious by now. (See comments section for part 4)

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