The Cap Search

Another Saturday. What to do? What to do?

Hmmm, something tells me that I need to look for that Angels of Anaheim Cap that I’ve been lusting over for quite sometime now. Maybe I’ll go on a mall tour today, haha.

We’ll see.

This is the Angels of Anaheim cap. I’ve been searching for it for years already, I thought it was only available in the US. When I went to #Bratpack Greenbelt, I saw one. I would’ve bought it but the only available stock is two sizes bigger.

I did my research and found out that there’s actually a lot of stores that have this brand for consignment. I went to three of these stores around Makati, and they said that they’ve seen this cap before, it was an old design that has since been pulled out.

First stop!

Lunch at Salcedo Market

Rea agreed to join me in my Cap search / Mall Tour. But first we had lunch at Salcedo Market, where we both tried Picole Popsicle Bubblegum flavor and Nasi Goreng Complete set from a store that I forgot to get the name of.

Now walking to Century Mall.

Unfortunately, Century Mall only has two sports stores: Nike and Planet Sports. They do not have New Era caps. Now we’re here at Rockwell, enjoying the fancy aircon.

After a quick stop at Rockwell, we’re now here – Haggarddddddd

We saw this free massage chair in ShangriLa. They’re worth 40,000 (foot masaager) and the chair is 300,000!!

And yes, finally I bought it!!!!! Although one size bigger, I’m still happy with my purchase. I’ve dreamt of having this cap since the day I wore those angel wings!

Saw a cute guy!!!

And to cap off the day, coffee and commune at Commune 🙂

Look at my Jeje Pose!

#jeje #fashion #Angels #baseball #Anaheim

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