Wine Effect

After a glass of wine, you see this photo of you with the person you have admired for the longest time.

You look back and try to remember the very first time you felt something for him. And how it grew deeper and deeper.

You ask yourself, why were you satisfied with just loving him from afar? Why did you not try to pursue him? Yes, you knew that he was with somebody else, and yet, you did not stop.

Why can he not love you?

And you know it will make your friends happy to see you end up with him. It would make you happy too, wouldn’t it?

Still you know, it’s not right.

It can never be the happy ending you wished for.

Maybe it is what it is. He will never look at you the same way. It might have not even crossed his mind.

Uh. The agony of unrequited love.

It’s always the “could have been a perfect happy ending”. But it never will be.

#unrequitedlove #gaylove #gay #love

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