The Disappearing Act

I wish it was that easy to remove a year in your life.

For some unknown reason, it took me two hours to open my office pc today. I do not remember doing anything different last Friday. It was the usual shutting down of pc for the weekend to save energy. There wasn’t any instruction to leave them open. So after the two hour ordeal came another surprise. The fckin desktop / profile contains the same files from April 2014. Everything from May 2014 to February 2015 disappeared.

The IT team (both local and regional) cannot come up with a reasonable conclusion as to why it happened. First, I was told that there was a global cleanup of corrupted files. Second, the current version is the same as the DOD (Desktop on Demand). Third, there was no backup (for 6 years I never BACKED UP A DESKTOP). Fck. Clearly, no one knew the reason why. And no one knew what to fckin do.

The funny thing is – today is my exact sixth year in the bank. What a nice gift.

I guess things happen for a reason. The lost desktop contains: adhoc requests from clients (that took time to make), access details, my
Updated resume, performance reviews.. And more…

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