Impromptu. Impulse. Unplanned

I was supposed to have lunch with one of my new “inaanaks” this year but it was cancelled. So, I have nothing to do the entire weekend.

There are a lot of fun activities happening in the Metro: there’s the #FringeMnl (it’s closing this week), the British something in BGC, a lot of plays #Manhid and #LeCageAuxFolles … Il update this from time to time.

Let’s go!

Now.. Where do I start?

So I went to SM sta. Mesa because they’re the only moviehouse that screens #GeographyClub only to find out that they’re not selling tickets till 4pm. They are not even sure if they will be screening it today, depending on the demand for the #Kathniel movie. What to do now? 😳

I failed to see this @ UPFC because twas screened on a weekday. So now I’m left (again) with nothing to do in a place I’m not very familiar with. Hmmm. Opportunity to explore then?

I took the train to Recto, knowing that I can connect to the LRT yellow line there. Stupid idea: i found myself getting lost in the midde of A green mall. My friend told me I shouldn’t have gone outside. So I walked and walked till I found a familiar place (FEU). Now I’m inside a fckin cab heading to CCP, hoping to catch the show (it’s 2:30 while I’m writing this and show starts at 3).

I was able to catch one of #FringeMnl ‘s featured productions – Daloy Dance Co.’s Canton atbp. It showcased two faces of Filipinos: the sex workers, and the happy Bayanihan. I enjoyed the show coz one of the dancers looked like my friend haha. Kidding aside, they were really good. Made me miss my dancing shoes.

In Canton, the vibe was dark, sexual. The men were hot. In Himalayas, these very same men turned out to be so gay lol. Nevertheless, some of them were cute. 😂

After the show, I went to @highvoltage ‘s favorite place to wait for the sunset… Will be taking pictures later.. There are sooooo many couples. I hate my life right now 😭

Was not able to take a photo of the sunset.. There were too many people, plus a Korean newlywed couple is having a photoshoot together with their entourage. I did not feel the urge to join the crowd in taking photos. I just savored the moment.

I saw Sandino Martin, tho. Plus this fountain in CCP.

Funny thing happened earlier, a group of high school students approached me and asked me if I can take their pictures. Good thing I’m not a bad photographer haha.

After CCP and sunset moments, I walked to the LRT. Finally, I was able to find the yellow line. Lol.

Now I’m back home recharging coz I still have one more place to go to tonight.

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